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IOTtech Education ensures complete, comprehensive education to students and make them ready for the competitive world.
Online education is the next big thing in the EdTech industry and Rank2top. com is IOTtech Education’s pioneer education
platform with more than 1000 courses for all types of students.

IOTtech STEM Tinkering Lab Setup

To foster a scientific mind-set and develop a spirit of creativity and curiosity in young minds, the Indian government established the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) at NITI Aayog. AIM suggests building an Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL). ATL is a place of work where young minds may give expression to their ideas through practical DIY mode and gain innovative skills.This programme aims to cultivate in young minds a sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity as well as to teach them skills like design thinking, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, quick calculations, measurements, etc. These ATL laboratories use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) methods to develop the minds of the next generation. The word is widely used to describe curricular choices or educational strategies in schools. The shortage of STEM-educated workers could make this industry less effective, which has implications for immigration law, workforce development, and issues of national security. Therefore, IOTtech Education introduces this STEM Tinkering Lab Setup for the Schools and Colleges to foster the millions of students in India who have the potential to become Neoteric Innovators...

STEM Training Starter Kit

The acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is used to refer to a broad range of these academic fields. This phrase is frequently used to refer to curriculum options or educational policies in schools. It has ramifications for immigration policy, workforce development, and national security issues because a lack of STEM-educated people may make this sector less effective. So, IOTtech Education introduces this STEM Training Starter kit for the students of classes k-5 to k-8 to begin their journey to the upcoming smarter and innovative future world. This STEM Training Starter kit is specially designed for the students of lower grades with the aim that it should logically and fundamentally increase the knowledge of IoT, AI and Electronics & Technology and at the same time, they can prepare themselves in advance for the smart world to come. We have encapsulated more than 30 smart electronics projects based on STEM Methodology in this single kit, which your child can make very easily. All the projects are made with a simple plug-in and play form so that students can learn to make all the projects in the game without any soldering or use of electricity.

STEM Training Robotics kit

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STEM Advance training kit

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Iottech Education

IOTtech Education is a unit of IOTtech Softwares. We have already made our presence in the field of research and development of IOT product, Web based software, E-commerce, industrial ERP, android and iOS mobile App etc. We are helping schools to manage their schools by using our school management ERP. In the field of online education a quality oriented platform was needed and to fill this void space IOTtech launched its education unit which deals with online and offline education of the students aspiring to place themselves at the top level of society. We have created a place where best tutors of the world are available to the aspirant students. It is very important to satisfy the inquisitiveness of students and we provide an opportunity to all students and their parents at very nominal cost. IOTtech education ensures quality education from well qualified tutors. The flexibility in the scheme is the need of hour in current digital era, where everyone is busy and lacks time to take care of their children as far as education is concerned. This platform gives the options to students to change the tutor on certain conditions. Students can adjust their schedule/ prepone the class / postpone the class / attend the missed class in another batch. All these flexible options make IOTtech Education a perfect center of education world.

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messages.Only specialist teachers/ lecturers/ professors are empaneled with us. We take care of the requirements of students and also plan to give maximum benefits to students.


There is easy accessibility to online courses and tutors. Students can ask their questions through mobile app and web. All these questions will be answered by the respective tutors.


This facility is easily accessible on a number of devices such as mobile phones, I-pads, computers and other such devices. You are travelling or staying anywhere in the world you can access this facility 24 x 7.